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Direct Tableware's Cookie Policy

With recent changes in UK Law, we have put this page together to help you understand some of the details behind it. We do NOT collect any personal information. 

What is a Cookie?

A "Cookie" is a file on your computer containing text which is used to store settings and remember actions by visitors to a website. This data is then transferred back to the web-server to perform the correct action based on what the user does. Cookies are most often used to personalise and improve the user experience on a website.

How do we use them?

At Direct Tableware we use cookies to ensure all visitors can use this website with no problems (If you are using a cookie blocker, you may experience some difficulties while using our website).

They also allow us to identity our customers individually when logged in (session cookies) this is a necessary step for placing web orders on our site. Additionally we use Google Analytics tracking cookies to help us improve our website (these are not used to identify individuals) and can be deleted upon leaving the website.

If you continue to use this website you are consenting to use our cookies.