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Chef & Sommelier


Chef & Sommelier



Mix it up Audace, a surprising marriage of forms, where the purest lines melt into the softest curves.

Ultra modern, this collection represents an expert blending of forms and materials, breaking with the monotony of more traditional styles. Create a sensation.

Elegance White

Elegance White masters the light magically to reinvent fine table arts. Softness is felt everywhere, conjured up by the perfect lines and refined curves. Contemporary, the square shape coupled with a streamlined surface makes for dramatic food presentations.

Embassy White

Award for Excellence. Each single piece of this highly diverse range is delicate and refined. Embassy was created to be the star of the most prestigious tables.


Exotic and zen, Ginseng is a contemporary line that combines absolute purity with soft lines and curves. The materials are designed to match the current trend of mix and match, while the special surface treatment allows for easy washing.

Grand Chef

Purity for the senses. A rimless plate for a unique serving area. It will inspire all sorts of creations, sober or daring.


Solid geometry. Perfect line inspiring straight and graphic creations : innovative shapes meeting each other.