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Coffee Pots

Coffee Pots

From casual to fine dining, the clean and pure design of Lyric White Coffee Pots allows for creative culinary expression.


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Code Item                                      Piece Price Case qty Case Price Order Qty (cases)
CR B1-13040

Dudson Lyric Coffee Pot Oval 30cl

£15.62   £11.72
6 £70.32
CR B1-13041

Dudson Lyric Coffee Pot Oval 60cl

£21.86   £16.40
6 £98.40
CR B1-13059

Dudson Lyric Lid for 30cl Coffee Pot Oval

£6.49   £4.95
12 £59.40
CR B1-13060

Dudson Lyric Lid for 60cl Coffee Pot Oval

£9.08   £6.94
12 £83.28

4 Item(s)

per page