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Fine Dining

Classic elegance in a distinct, timeless shape. Its particular charm lies in the combination of round and square plates and gently curving concave elements. It possesses a graceful purism that satisfies very diverse demands.

Shape 98

As simple as it is ingenious: Dr. Hermann Gretsch's timeless design laid the foundations for Schonwald's design competence in 1936. Its reduced aesthetics makes this shape so versatile that it is perfectly possible to interpret modern needs with it.


Scenario not only creates an aesthetically new material and design language based on the familiar basic model. Inspired by an integrated modular approach, this unusual buffet concept also displays a special sense of dramaturgy with various actors performing on different stages.

In restaurants or hotels, at unusual events, or even in the everyday setting of a comp any canteen, Scenario brings a sense of entertainment to a buffet.


Signature magically allows you to create any table setting you desire – Carsten Gollnick has made this possible with his choice of five different materials: porcelain, wood, glass, silicone and textiles. These five basic elements are blended together to create contrasting settings that accentuate the fine way the cuisine is presented.


Flat and deep plates, soup plates and bowls in bridal white. Their emphatically projecting but incompletely defined rims draw the viewerΓÇÖs eye to the food presented on them. They frame it harmoniously and heighten the moment of enjoyment that is seductively flattered by the gentle undulation of the shape. The austere soup cup celebrates the purity of the form, permitting itself a small extravagance in the shape of horizontal handles.

Shape 898

Shape 898 is a perfect example of consistent, timeless design. Precise stack ability and multi functionality make this dinnerware range fascinating. Shape 898 is hotel porcelain in the true sense of the word.


Whether your guests experience Vario in the lobby of a top hotel, in a modern bar or the ambience of a beautiful garden restaurant, Vario always radiates the feeling of pleasure. Even with few pieces, Vario is outstanding as a flexible and practical partner in the catering trade.


The really distinctive quality of porcelain becomes particularly noticeable, when the pure, white form speaks for itself. As it does with Donna. A form, whose gently curved raised pattern of arches reflects a certain uniqueness. Pleasure across the entire spectrum ΓÇô the harmony of Donna emerges through a finely crafted raised pattern of arches, which open out on all pieces. A real pleasure to behold. And when will your guests share the pleasure?


Each piece in the Event collection is a highlight in itself, dazzling even when it stands alone. What is so extraordinary is that all of the elements of the collection come together to create such a successful whole. Surprising new harmonies are created with each different combination of the individual pieces at the buffet or on the table. Event uses the entire spectrum of creative tools to produce intense moments of pleasure.


The dynamic character of Avanti radiates versatility and modernity; a charming Italian flirtation between bustling activity and the pleasures of life. In its delightful restriction to what is essential Avanti defines hospitality in a new and unusual way. Form and decoration working together perfectly. The exquisite decor patterns and the dynamic design of Avanti speak the clear language of the present age.


The character range of plates creates a new vibe on every stylishly set dinner table. The designΓÇÖs clear style, which emphasises the service ability, functionality and aesthetic appeal of an item of porcelain used in everyday situations, enjoys a subtle, but unmistakeable character thanks to the band structure which appears to be arranged at random.


A plate is a plate. Absolutely necessary for civilized eating, beautiful to look at. It can be festive, playful or austere. A plate ΓÇ¥servesΓÇ¥ good food. With Premiere, therefore, the actual eating area is emphasized, and reinforced visually by the characteristic borderline. These features do indeed present the meal ΓÇô so that it is, in a sense, on stage.


Sushi, antipasti, dips: Snacking is extremely trendy. This collection provides a suitable setting for this uncomplicated and cosmopolitan dining trend. You can conjure up an entire culinary world with these multifunctional items.


Designer Hans-Wilhelm Seitz combines functional modernism with a touch of retro. That’s why this versatile classic is so popular with such a broad range of customers, from high-end restaurant to communal catering. Generation is made from Duracream®, a durable hard porcelain in a delicate shade of cream.