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Matfer Whisk

Matfer Whisk Matfer whisks are manufactured with stainless spring steel wires designed not to twist while maintaining their original form. These wires are then heat molded into the patented Exoglass® composite material providing a handle which is heat resistant up to 430ºF, and prevents user from any burn or heat transfer.

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Code Item                                      Piece Price Case qty Case Price Order Qty (cases)
KW C6-19001

Matfer Whisk 25cm Exoglass handle

£14.79   £11.83
1 £11.83
KW C6-19002

Matfer Whisk 35cm Exoglass handle

£19.25   £15.40
1 £15.40
KW C6-19003

Matfer Whisk 45cm Exoglass handle

£28.76   £23.01
1 £23.01
KW C6-19004

Matfer Whisk 50cm Exoglass handle

£33.49   £26.79
1 £26.79
KW C6-19005

Matfer Whisk 30cm Exoglass handle

£18.57   £14.86
1 £14.86
KW C6-19006

Matfer Whisk 40cm Exoglass handle

£21.00   £16.80
1 £16.80

6 Item(s)

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